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Bob and Diane Alder's

Team Terrific Racing


BobDi_2.jpg (128710 bytes)Welcome to TeamTerrificRacing.com! This website chronicles the life and times of Bob and Diane Alder, probably with way more information than you ever wanted to know.  But it's a great way to share with others what's going on in our lives and to document events so that we'll be able to recall them when we're old and feeble.  Bob-Di_Enduro_2018_SR-3.jpg (105680 bytes)


This website plus our SmugMug and YouTube efforts pretty much exhausts our "social media" skills.  Since we don't do Facebook or Twitter, this website is our only real opportunity for self-aggrandizement.  Thus, if we have something to bring to your attention, we'll just have to send you an email, probably with a link to something here.  Whoever thought that an email would be "old school." Oh, well..


(Neat picture of the "World Headquarters of Team Terrific Racing" taken by Mike Velten in Sept. 2018)


The website mainly revolves around our mutual passion, racing our vintage race cars.   There is,  however, a "Friends & Family" section where we also share our recent doin's with our family.  We must admit, however, that the bulk of this site is intended for "racer trash" like us.  And remember, you can click on most all the images to see the picture full size.


As noted, to supplement this website, there are two other "Social Media" sites:

Our SmugMug website, http://alder.smugmug.com/  for extensive, if not exhaustive, photos organized into various "galleries."   It's a great way to show you LOTS of pictures.  Each of the various galleries is probably linked from elsewhere on this site, but going directly to the SmugMug site will allow you to choose from any of the galleries.

Then there is our YouTube website, http://www.youtube.com/user/TeamTerrificRacing for videos.  We're now starting to use a video camera on the race cars and YouTube makes it easy to share them.

Feel free to use the "Recent Events" navigation button above to review several years of our events and adventures.



BP_DMA-RJA.jpg (58680 bytes)




November 2019 --  The wonderful 9News 6:00 program called NEXT (hosted by Kyle Clark) did a really cool story on our "Bob's Place" sign which is in the shop. There's a page on this website devoted to the full history of the sign.  Or you can view the four-minute 9New story here.   

OriginalTT_R.jpg (48073 bytes)



Many of our contemporary friends are aware of the Team Terrific moniker which Diane and I use.  But the history of how it  all came about is largely untold or unknown.  The team name has been around since the '70s, now over on 40 years ago! It all started as a lark with good friends.  Here's a pictorial of those "EARLY DAYS" of Team Terrific Racing.







Team Terrific's Race Cars

Our "everyday" race cars are the Miller Sports Racer (Diane's car) and my venerable Titan Formula Ford. The "new" race cars in the stable is the Alexis FB car (finished in 2006) and the Bobsy (First raced in 2010).  Click on each image for a brief description. A very complete history of the Alexis Project is covered in its own section,  The Alexis FB Project.  As well, the Bobsy sports Racer has its own SmugMug picture gallery covering its refurbishment.  Then in 2018 the Bobsy "Pizza-Pizza" FF has it's total restoration also covered in its SmugMug gallery

(Click on each picture for more detailed info on the car)
di-levels-web.jpg (21263 bytes) bob-wet-teretonga-web.jpg (18815 bytes) Pizza-Pizza_Finished.jpg (840152 bytes) nearfin-13-web.jpg (46236 bytes) Bobsy_Rupert_May-2010-web.jpg (59818 bytes)
1962 Miller Sports Racer

(Click on the Pic for the full history of the car starting with our purchase in 1999 and its first ground up restoration in 1999-2000. Then a subsequent major ground up rebuild in 2018-2019. Also, here's a photo gallery detailing that restoration.)



1972 Titan MK 6B Formula Ford

(Click on pic for some history on the car.  As of 2024, the Titan is still in regular service. This car has been raced regularly every year of its life since 1972.  The currant owner alone (me) has some 300 race weekends in the car since it was purchased in 1988. AMAZING!)  

1969 Bobsy "Pizza-Pizza" Formula Ford.

 (Click on pic for full restoration story.)

1968 Russell-Alexis Formula Ford. 

(Click on pic for full restoration story.)

1965 Bobsy SR-3 Sports Racer 

(Click on pic for full restoration story)

  In 2023 Diane decided to hang up her helmet so we SOLD the car in March of 2024.
Read the complete history   of this car (1999 to 2024) with Team Terrific  here.
 Sold July 2021
  Read about subsequent owners here
 Sold October 2023
Read about subsequent owner here.

I became the official registrar of and webmaster for the Bobsy Registry several years ago.  Please visit www.BobsyRegistry.com if you have an interest in the details and history of these great cars.



Team Terrific's Street Fleet

The 2012 Mini Copper S and the beloved 544 Volvo.

2012-Mini-LeftSide.jpg (203538 bytes) volvo-web.jpg (51003 bytes)
2012 Mini Cooper S 1962 544 Volvo
After driving a 2002 Mini Cooper S for 18 years, decided in 2020 to upgrade to a 2012 Cooper S with only 32,000 miles.  Super clean car, SUPER FUN. More Volvo Pictures are on our SmugMug site.

Please visit the website of Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing, our home race club. 

You may also wish to visit other websites of mine, The Bobsy Registry (www.BobsyRegistry.com),  the Titan Registry at www.TitanCars.com

Of keen interest is the fantastic front range amateur road racing facility here in the Denver area, High Plains Raceway.  Visit their website at www.HighPlainsRaceway.com  


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